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Alternative activities

Looking for routes less known and alternative activities?


·       Be pleasantly surprised to follow less known paths and reach some of the historic monasteries visited not frequently by tourists.

·         The myths of antiquity will be enlivened and the magic that has made Greece known as the cradle of civilization will be recaptured by exploring endless places of natural beauty beyond standard tourist destinations. Places chosen by nymphs and gods as their dwellings and hosting their exquisite love affairs. History will be revealed by visiting places where philosophers have developed their milestone thoughts and historians have marked ancient routes.

·         Mix with locals and feel at home by taking part in cooking and eating in an artistic environment situated in a private garden with Mediterranean vegetation. A cookery course for a full greek meal will include less known dishes starting with a visit to a picturesque local fruit and vegetable market. A call to a local winery or an outing depending on what is on in the city or the area, will be included according to your preferences also.

               Why not attend for free our July events  celebrating Unesco

·        International Year of Light-2015? Just contact us!