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Join us on a tour!

A few hours or more,  your visit will be a most pleasant experience.

Come with us on a half-day tour around the city which will reveal not only the city’s history throughout the centuries but also its contemporary face,  before ending for a drink by Pharos, the reconstructed lighthouse that has been built using stones from the lighthouse demolished in 1972, which was the sign of Patras standing at the peer of St. Nikolaou Str. since 1858.
(Tour 1)

A little more time is required for the next option. A visit to the mycenaean settlement at Voundeni, in a spot so cleverly chosen by our ancestors just 5 km away from the city,  is our strong suggestion both due to the  captivating views over the gulf of Patras, as well as the impressive archaeological findings. The  new archaeological museum will fascinate you with its most interesting exhibits from copper age up to late roman times brought to daylight through persistent long time excavations. Our tour will end up with a taste of local specialities  in a taverna far removed from the usual touristic places.
(Tour 2)

Are you interested in byzantine,  post-byzantine and contemporary churches of the city? We will be happy to accompany you or just provide directions to routes.

(Tour  3)

Come with us on a journey to the mycenaean historical places of the area such as the recently discovered settlements at Voudeni and Chalandritsa. The mountaineous areas at the fringe of the city where our ancestors opted to dwell, combine impressive archaeological findings together with captivating views.

(Tour 4)

The city at roman times! Magnificent mosaics and  other exhibits in the new arcaelogical museum of the city and monuments revealed by persistent archaeologists among busy streets and squares. And  if you are lucky enough you will share with us the magic of a performance in the roman odeon.

(Tour 5).

We will take you for a walk around the city of the last century when the trade boom and the harbour activity produced the magnificent neo-classical monuments of the city and ending up tasting local specialities in one of the neo-classical buildings.

(Tour 6).

A visit to the new arcaeological museum of Patras followed by a visit to the museum of the nearby city of Aigio will provide an insight of the history of the area followed by a relaxing seaside stroll and a traditional ouzo drink at the time of our eye-catching sunsets.

(Tour 7).