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churches in Patras

  • The old orthodox church of St. Andrew, a basilica,with paintings following the western style of the Ionian islands, was built between 1836 and 1843 and stands in the place St. Andrew was crucified. The church replaced an older one destroyed in 1770. A temple, devoted to Demetra, goddess of earth, was standing there in ancient times together with the spring next door, known nowadays as “the well of St. Andrew”.
  • The imposing new orthodox church of St. Andrew, built next to the old one, was found in 1908 and inaugurated on September 26, 1974. The building, as well as the impressive paintings and mosaics in the church, follow the Byzantine style.
  • The catholic church of St. Andrew was built in 1841 in the western Italian style with simple facade which stands in the center of a tower.
  • The anglican church of St. Andrew  built in1872 in the neo-gothic style with granit stones, St. Andrew being the patron saint of Scotland as well .